Meet Dr. Elliot Anavim ND

dr elliot anavim nmd

About Dr. Elliot Anavim - Naturopathic Doctor

A licensed Naturopathic doctor who focuses on providing comprehensive, patient-specific healthcare by understanding each patient’s unique circumstances and getting to the root cause of illness. Dr. Anavim believes in empowering the patient to take an active role in the journey of reaching their optimal health goals.




Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree

Bastyr University in San Diego, California


Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Law

Healthcare Law Major

California State University Northridge



Under the tutelage of esteemed functional medicine practitioner Dr. Lisa Portera-Perry, as well as craniofacial specialist Dr. Jeffery Mersky. Dr.Anavim is currently working on getting his first piece of literature, Fibromyalgia: A Naturopathic Case Review, published.


Dr. Anavim focuses on treating acute and chronic illnesses, including allergies, viral and bacterial infections, metabolic dysregulation including diabetes, and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression; he has a true passion for treating the gut. In addition to treating various disease states, he also has experience in aesthetic medicine, using PRP and growth factors to help optimize facial skin tone and facilitate hair growth.

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