What Is Integrative Medicine And How It Can Help My Health?

Integrative medicine is attracting more and more attention all over the world. More physicians are utilizing integrative approach in their practices and more patients are demanding integrative treatments. In fact, the integrative medicine movement is driven by overwhelming patient demand.

In this article, we will describe what integrative medicine is (and is not) and then we will further look at the ways that integrative medicine can improve your health. 

What is integrative medicine?

Since the 90s, the term “integrative medicine” has emerged to describe a paradigm shift in modern medicine. Integrative Medicine is a holistic medical approach to optimal living and healing. It takes into account the whole person including mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Integrative medicine is prevention-focused and its main goal is to provide a personalized health plan for the needs of each individual according to their circumstances. The plan includes healthy eating habits, effective stress management techniques, self-care skills and a better lifestyle.

The aim is to treat the underlying cause of every disease by using conventional labs and scans alongside evidence-based natural therapies such as herbal medicine, nutritional IVs, homeopathic remedies and bioidentical hormones.

Healing power of nature is at the core of integrative medicine to achieve and maintain optimum balance and wellness by integrating the science of medicine with the art of healing.

It is worth mentioning that integrative medicine is not equal to complementary and alternative medicine. Complementary medicine suggests the addition of other healing practices to conventional medicine but those practices that only have a secondary role. Alternative medicine implies the use of healing practices that altogether replace conventional treatments whereas integrative medicine integrates most safe and effective treatments from conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) rather than being “an alternative” to western medicine. Integrative medicine neither rejects conventional medicine nor uncritically embraces alternative therapies; indeed, selects the best and scientifically supported therapies of both disciplines.

Integrative medicine applies conventional approach to emergency patient care to achieve fast and effective results but proceeds with non-invasive complementary therapies for long lasting healing.

IM is a coordinated way for using ancient healing wisdom with modern science. Integrative medicine believes using multiple disciplines results in better service, rather than using only one medical system. Integrative medicine movement in the West is trying to examine eastern healing disciplines with scientific rigor for safety and efficacy while retaining respect for their history and culture. With its emphasis on quality research evidence, integrative medicine have gained further acceptance in the west while having caused a resurgence of traditional medicines in their countries of origin. Integrative medicine is the best medicine of both eastern and western world.


The Future Of Integrative Medicine:

Medicine is a highly adaptable field, with new studies that constantly challenge conventional wisdom, which leads medical community to see their role differently. There may be no better way to treat diseases that take years to develop and are intimately tied to lifestyle rather than having an integrated perspective toward patients, healing and medical disciplines.

More people are educating themselves in these new fields; In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that between 65 and 80 percent of the world’s population (about 3 billion people) rely on integrative medicine as their primary form of health care.

Integrative medicine has been described by many as the future of Medicine.

How integrative medicine can help your health?

Integrative Medicine greatly benefits you because, by definition, it is patient-centric. As a result, IM physicians are committed to providing you with the best and most personalized care possible.

Integrative medicine is the human side of medicine. The first principal of IM is the partnership between you and your doctor. An IM doctor relies on your body’s innate healing ability and uses any intervention weighed in the context of your wishes, the objective of your visit and the depth of the problem that may or may not be present. An IM doctor believes in good medicine, which is based on good science and considers all factors that influence your health and disease before using natural and non-invasive treatments.

On your first visit, a comprehensive consultation takes place where you will be asked about your medical history, current diet, supplements, and exercise level. Then the quality of your relationships with family and social circles will be discussed. If needed, diagnostic lab testing will be performed in order to reveal the actual state of your health. After considering all data, a lifestyle and treatment plan will be customized for you and the rate of improvement will be monitored overtime until desired results are achieved.

Because integrative approach is oriented toward prevention, more time and effort is devoted to identifying lifestyle interventions that can lead to disease prevention or at least to reduce the rate of progression of an established chronic condition.

One of the main focuses in integrative medicine is diet to a degree that goes far beyond the usual guidelines. It seems for undiagnosed food sensitivities or hormonal imbalances, with the assumption that these problems account for many chronic health issues and cause even more serious problems over time. There is also a lot of emphasis on intestinal bacteria that is revealed so many issues are linked to the gut microbiome.

Other factors included environmental exposures to personal relationships interact with your genes and determine whether or not you stay healthy so these areas are extensively examined by integrative medicine.

Integrative medicine incorporates many naturopathic therapies including peptide therapy, vitamin infusion, and injection, which are natural and non-invasive and have been proven effective to deliver long-lasting results for purposes of anti-aging and beautification, weight management, performance optimization, pain management, and chronic disease management.

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