Chelation Therapy: Heavy Metals and Heart Health

Heartbeat is often the indicator of life and health. That is why heart health has always been top priority with extensive resources and researches dedicated to it.

Naturopathic medicine has a holistic approach and considers all internal and external influences on the optimal health of the heart. It focuses on environmental factors as much as the individualistic ones and designs natural and integrative treatments to remove obstacles to inner healing wisdom to restore balance and maintain longevity.

A naturopathic doctor believes many factors influence heart health, from the air we breathe to the food we eat along with activity level, relationships and metabolic state within the body but from all these, heavy metals present in the air, water and food have the most direct and strong effect on heart health!

In this article, we will examine chelation therapy for heavy metal toxicity about heart health.

What is chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy is a naturopathic treatment for heavy metal toxicity with fast and lasting results. It uses chelating chemical processes to bind certain chelators to excess metals and minerals inside blood and organs to remove them from the body through urination. It is a detoxification treatment approved by U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) for lead poisoning.

The word chelation is derived from the Greek root “chela” or “claw” meaning “grabbing” because the chelating agent acts like a claw to grab the toxic metal!

There are two main chelating agents often used in chelation therapy:

  • EDTA Calcium disodium or EthyleneDiamine Tetraacetic Acid is a synthetic amino acid that makes 4-6 bonds with metal ions. It also acts similar to antioxidants by counteracting free radicals and eliminating inflammation. It is commonly used in the food industry by the code name of E385 as a safe preservative of color and flavor. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries also use it in their products to increase shelf life. It is effective for detoxification of heart as well as other organs, tissues, and bones. It has been historically successful in treating lead poisoning. 
  • DMPS or 2, 3-DiMercapto-1-PropaneSulfonic acid is also a synthetic amino acid which forms a water-soluble bond with toxic heavy metals. It has the strongest Cu binding ability to treat multiple metal poisoning including antimony, arsenic, and mercury. DMSA or DiMercaptoSuccinic Acid is an oral version for lead toxicity; however, it has a higher binding affinity for mercury and arsenic than EDTA.

At higher levels of toxicity, two chelating agents might be administered for faster and more effective results.

Heavy metals are natural chemicals such as Aluminum, Mercury, Lead, Iron, Copper, Arsenic, Nickel, Cadmium, and Calcium. Even a slight rise of their level in your blood and body can elevate your chance of developing heart disease. They cause inflammation which in turn leads to chronic illnesses.

In modern life, heavy metal toxicity is common due to industrial pollutions that can accumulate in your body and affect your health negatively, but other sources such as dental amalgam or mercury fillings, vaccination, polluted water, high consumption of farm-raised fish, radiation and chemotherapy can also cause heavy metal toxicity.

Some diseases also cause heavy metal build up in the brain, liver, heart, and pancreas. Wilson’s disease is believed to be the main cause of copper accumulation, Hemochromatosis, and Thalassemia for iron overload and Kidney Dialysis for holding too much aluminum in the body.

Radiation exposure to Plutonium, Uranium, and Radionuclide is a high-risk factor that might lead to cancer.

Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning include: chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, cognitive issues, inability to learn and remember, depression and anxiety, joint and muscle pain, autoimmunity, breathing difficulties and kidney and liver dysfunctions.

Chelation therapy removes the cause of inflammation, which is heavy metals; therefore, pain and swelling specifically in joints and muscles disappear. Chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and autoimmunity will be healed and the need for medication will be eliminated!

Cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease are believed to be caused by heavy metal poisoning of lead or mercury. Even mineral accumulation such as copper, zinc, and iron in the brain is the cause of neurodegenerative diseases. Aluminum found in canes and deodorant are also said to be a risk factor. Chelation therapy has been proven effective in curing these conditions by attaching to the excess minerals and metals and carrying them out of the brain resulting in improvement of mental and physical performance.

ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder and learning disabilities are thought to be a result of heavy metal poisoning circulating in the blood or deposited in the brain. Thimerosal which is a mercury-containing preservative in vaccines is specifically pointed to be the cause. Chelation therapy can draw this metal into the excretory system and restore mental and emotional health.

Chelation therapy was developed in the 1940s for lead poisoning of workers in the battery factory. In the 1950s, Dr. Norman Clarke, head of research in Providence Hospital of Detroit discovered that his patients are reporting less pain from their Angina condition which is resulted from blocked coronary arteries. They also showed enhanced memory and energy level along with sharper senses of vision, hearing, and smell!

Since the heart diseases were on the rise and the only treatment option was coronary bypass surgery which was expensive, intrusive and had side effects, the chelation therapy was ideal and promising; therefore, it became popular and was well received by the public. It was also administered for peripheral vascular disease, which is blockage of arteries in the legs.

In the past 15 years, chelation therapy has grown back in popularity among people and the results are even more encouraging.

Why Heart Health benefits from chelation therapy?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both women and men with coronary condition being the most common.

While conventional treatments have been successful to a degree to prevent progress of the heart disease in patients, but they were not able to eliminate the problem because the cause of heart diseases was not identified accurately!

But in naturopathic medicine, recognizing the root cause of heart disease is the priority to prevent it in the first place. Heavy metal toxicity is recognized as a major factor in developing heart disease.

Two large scale studies are undertaken by the National Centre for Complementary and integrative health (NCCIH) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) to confirm the effectiveness of chelation therapy for coronary heart disease. So far, the results are extremely promising especially in people with diabetes.

Diabetic people have a high risk of developing heart disease due to the hardening of their coronary arteries by cholesterol. Chelation therapy prevents their heart problem by removing heavy metal resulting in regulation of their glucose, insulin and lipid levels.

Chelating agents can bind to excess calcium or heavy metal molecules inside the arteries; otherwise, they will turn to atherosclerosis in which they deposit, built plaques and prevent blood flow. Without adequate blood flow, oxygen and nutrients are not delivered to the heart which over time leads to life-threatening situations!

After metal or mineral is bound or sequestered, the new molecule is carried out of the artery; therefore, blood circulation is restored. It can also perform the same task for high cholesterol and inflammation levels, which are major risk factors for heart health.

Free radical collection along with heavy metal clean up provides the body with a chance to heal arteries and further cleans their plaques; therefore, inflammation is eliminated, symptoms disappear and heart is healthy again!

Chelation therapy is an economical option in comparison to current conventional treatments including surgeries and angiographies that are expensive and intrusive and leave behind side effects and scars! Even lifelong medication won’t be necessary anymore.


How is chelation therapy performed?

Chelation therapy is an intravenous naturopathic treatment where prescribed doses of chelators are directly administered into your blood.

Oral administration does not have the same effect since digestive tract will not absorb chelating agents effectively and only 5-18% will survive and arrive into your bloodstream. On the other hand, chelators will remove essential minerals present in your digestive system leading to your mineral deficiency!

At your consultation, you will be asked about your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. The heavy metal screening will be ordered along with other lab tests to accurately determine your level of toxicity and observe any other medical issues such as heart, kidney and liver problems that might interfere with the treatment.

Accurate analysis of heavy metal levels in your body is critical which is achieved by high-resolution ICP-MS elemental analysis offered by specialty laboratories such as Doctor’s Data.

Cardiovascular evaluation of Heart and Arteries might be ordered. Proprietary SMC cardiac function and inflammatory biomarkers testing provide insights before any damage has resulted from vascular inflammation and endothelial dysfunction.

PULS Cardiac Test is a simple blood test to identify patients with higher risk of a heart attack. It analyzes 9 serum protein assays related to different cardiovascular issues. It goes beyond cholesterol testing since 50% of patients have normal cholesterol levels!

After reviewing the lab test results, a chelation therapy plan is designed for you. The frequency of chelation therapy will be determined by a Naturopathic Doctor in Encino according to your level of toxicity and heart condition.

Your vitamins and minerals level will be monitored in the course of treatment due to the possibility of mineral loss with frequent urination. If necessary you might be prescribed supplements to prevent deficiency.

You will also be provided with an Individualized integrative lifestyle plan which removes obstacles to your natural healing ability to restore heart health.

The plan often includes healthy diet low in farmed fish and canned foods which might contain mercury and aluminum respectively. Allergens must be avoided because, with their presence, your body has fewer resources to process an extra immunity crisis such as heavy metal poisoning and its chelating treatment. Pesticide and GMO containing foods, processed food that have additives and Alcohol are also on the avoiding list in order to free your liver and kidneys from excessive detoxification.

You must inform your naturopathic doctor of any drugs and supplements you are taking in order to avoid complications.

Each chelation therapy session requires 2-3 hours for EDTA and 20-30 minutes for DMPS after which you will be able to go back to your daily routine without any problem, but your urination will be more frequent to discharge chelated metals out of your system!

Chelation IVs are performed by a trained medical professional who inserts a catheter in your arm or hand’s vein to let the chelating liquid enter your bloodstream in a controlled flow.

Chelation therapy is considered safe, with minor side effects such as: burning sensation at the point of injection but mild fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, seizures, hypocalcemia, and low blood pressure are also reported by a few patients.

It is not recommended for people with impaired kidneys or dialysis patients.

It is not allowed for children and pregnant women.

Due to the sensitivity and dose-dependence of chelation therapy, it is only performed by licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Los Angeles.

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