Can Integrative Medicine Help Me Lose Weight?

Weight loss journey can be overwhelming because there are complex mechanisms in the body that will resist giving up fat. Losing weight is not just about calorie reduction, it is a sophisticated science and art. Due to its complex nature, it must be addressed holistically with every delicate detail being considered as well.

In this article, we will take a close look at whether integrative medicine can help you with weight loss. Then we will review the scientific techniques that integrative medicine offered you to achieve your desired weight and body shape.

Integrative medicine can help you lose weight by looking at the causes of your weight gain and plan a treatment to address it efficiently. There are many factors that can cause your body to retain fat or liquid such as food sensitivities, food addictions, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, stress level, and medications. Natural programming of each and every cell in your body instinctively fears deprivation and will try to store fat for any anticipated lack of food.

Food sensitivity even to so-called healthy foods causes abnormal reactions in your immune system, which results in inflammation, liquid retention, and hormonal imbalance; therefore, leading to even more cravings and fat storage. Lab tests to identify food sensitivities must be done by experienced Integrative medicine centers that specialize in allergy tests for weight loss; therefore, not only immediate allergic reactions are measured, but also delayed reactions are identified as well.

Hormones such as thyroid, cortisol, estrogen, androgens and metabolic hormones of digestive system all contribute to your weight to a great degree, and any disturbance in these hormones will result in change of fat to muscle ratio and your body shape. Estrogen and androgens directly influence eating behaviors in such a way that the former inhibits appetite while the later increases food intake resulting in decreased or increased metabolism respectively.

Gut microbiome, the most talked about topics in the medical community, affects nutrition absorption and vitamin production in your body to a degree that not just your weight, but your mental and emotional state is constantly under its control. Scientific research has proved that within 24 hours of change in diet, the gut microbiome diversity shifts dramatically in favor of weight loss. Unnecessary use of antibiotics has negative impacts on the gut microbiome, which results in nutritional deficiency, inflammation, and fat storage.

The sleep pattern can affect your weight by influencing your ghrelin and leptin hormones that regulate appetite resulting in more hunger. Lack of sleep can also impact your mood, which causes more cravings. The sleeping pattern should be addressed with the individualized approach.

Stress is considered a serious cause of failure in losing weight because of its impact on hormonal health. Cortisol hormone increases under stress condition and if stayed high for an extended period, it will result in more fat storage. Thyroid hormones are responsible for metabolic regulation. The slow metabolism will result in less fat being burned. Research has proved the impact of stress reduction on eating habits and resulting in more stable insulin hormone levels in the blood.

Medications can also influence your attempts to lose weight by increasing your appetite or decreasing metabolism. Prescribed drugs for depression are known to cause weight gain by constantly turning on appetite. Corticosteroids can cause the body to retain fat and preventing weight loss. Diabetes drugs directly influence insulin level and sometimes cause more fat storage. Drugs for heart diseases, migraines and allergy relievers also affect metabolism, which in turn controls fat burn or fat storage.

Integrative medicine approaches weight loss differently by taking into account your unique individual needs to bring nutritional balance to your system. Integrative nutrition will encourage your metabolism to burn faster, which will result in burn stored fat and release excess liquid.

Integrative medicine will teach you the best practices in eating habits and sleeping pattern along with stress reduction techniques that are beyond conventional recommendations. Integrative medicine will restore balance in your lifestyle; therefore, healing takes place within your body. Integrative medicine can help you with the art of living, which will result in optimum weight and body shape.

How does integrative weight loss plan?

On your first visit, a comprehensive consultation with your qualified practitioners takes place, where you will be asked about your medical history, current diet, supplements, and exercise level along with your desires and goals for weight loss. Then the quality of your relationships with family and social circles will be discussed; therefore, any emotional eating pattern is identified. If needed, diagnostic lab testing will be performed to reveal the actual state of your health and presence of any food sensitivity. After considering lab results, existing symptoms, health history, and your food preferences, a lifestyle and weight loss plan will be customized for you and your weight loss goals and the rate of improvement will be monitored over time until desired results are achieved.

During the course of treatment, your practitioner will identify any connection between specific foods, exercise intensity, sleeping pattern and stress level with your ability to lose weight and will adjust your weight loss plan accordingly; therefore, your awareness of eating habits, food selection, and nutritional supplementation will improve,you will observe positive results and your weight loss goals will manifest.

Integrative weight loss treatments

In addition to lifestyle and nutritional plan, there are a few scientific methods that are used to treat obesity or weight gain by encouraging lipolysis in your body.

Lipolysis is the state where your body starts burning stored fat, which is referred to as adipose tissue, where intracellular triglycerides store in lipid droplet form. Through complex chemical reactions and multiple steps of hydrolysis, these lipid droplets are accessed and triglycerides are break down into fatty acids. Also, glycerol can be used as an energy source or discharged from the body.

Lipo Shot

MIC stands for three amino acids: “Methionine, Inositol, and Choline” that are essential for health and optimum weight. A combination of these crucial chemicals may be administered in the areas containing more subcutaneous fatty tissues such as arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen or neck. The exact dosage of your injections is determined by your unique needs and circumstances.

Since the ratio and quality of chemicals in the lipo shot are very important, you must make sure to receive the shot from a reputable integrative medicine center before undergoing any treatment.


Methionine is responsible for producing many essential chemicals in the body, but it is considered in all Lipo Shots because it prevents excessive fat accumulation and release of histamine and results in less liquid retention. This amino acid also regulates the bile flow and has a crucial role in your defense system; in addition, it is necessary for regulation of acid-base balance in your body, which influences fat storage mechanism. Methionine has been proved effective in treating chronic fatigue which is common in people with excess weight.


Inositol belongs to the B vitamin group and is a Lipotropic compound that chemically balances the body. As a component of every Lipo Shot, this vitamin improves your lipid metabolism, lowers your cholesterol levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and enhancing your immune system. It also improves your mood by enhancing the function of serotonin, which is the main neurotransmitter responsible for feeling of well-being and happiness, resulting in fewer cravings.


Choline which is a vitamin like nutrient is made in the body but not to a sufficient degree to meet the needs. It has many health benefits very similar to those of Inositol. By being present in every Lipo shot, it facilitates lipid metabolism and discharges cholesterol deposits. In addition to reducing fat storage in your body, Choline eliminates the risk of fatty liver disease and offers extra protection against free radicals and toxins by supporting endocrine system. It also has positive cognitive impact resulting in less moody states and cravings.

Vitamin Injection

Nutritional deficiency can address by Vitamin injections for weight loss purposes, which often include Vitamin B12. This chemical is known for boosting your metabolism along with absorption and digestion of nutrients. Vitamin B12 affects digestion so you will be able to burn fat faster for effective energy production. Other B Vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, and B6 may also be present in Lipotropic Injection because of their metabolic enhancing effects. They improve digestion and absorption of nutrition; therefore, you can absorb more nutrients.

Vitamin D is also considered in vitamin injections for weight loss due to its huge impact on mood regulation and causing fewer cravings and fat storage.

Cavitation Liposuction

One of the most effective tools for noninvasive fat reduction is ultrasound. By generating compression and depression cycles at appropriate frequency, it encourages cavitations phenomena at fat deposits, which eventually cause the release of triglycerides. Ultrasonic energy has unfocused and focused waves. In unfocused mode, due to depth related ultrasound reduction, max energy intensity is delivered to your skin. By contrast, focused ultrasound is concentrated in a defined area to encourage fat lipolysis without influencing underlying organs, connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. The ultrasound treatment has shown a significant reduction in abdominal fat.

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