A Naturopathic Solution For Erectile Dysfunction.

In this article, we discuss Erectile Dysfunction with Naturopathic Medicine perspective and introduce the most effective cutting edge naturopathic treatment in Los Angeles: Priapus Injection

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a consistent inability to achieve or maintain erection, firm enough for intercourse. Difficulty with ejaculation, loss of interest in sex and Anorgasmia might be present which is the lack of orgasm even with presence of high enough stimulation.

The underlying causes are often anatomical deformity, physiological issues, and psychological problems. Men and their penis have a complicated relationship in which its performance might become hard to control despite the fact that it is the pillar of a man’s confidence that affects his mental and physical health as well as his relationship with his partner.

Peyronie’s Disease is an anatomical deformity of the penis, which results from fibrous plaque formed inside the penis, leading to curvature or bent shape when erected. Men with this issue are not able to get erection either out of shame or pain that is associated with erection. The fibrous plaque may form after a physical trauma like bending, hitting and injury that causes bleeding inside the penis. Genes are also considered a possible factor.

Physiological issues include Atherosclerosis which due to narrowing or clogging of the arteries inside penis, the blood flow is disturbed; therefore, the erection becomes impossible. Erection is the result of sexual stimulation, which relaxes muscles in the penis allowing blood flow more intensely through penile arteries into two corpora cavernosa chambers, making penis firm and erected. When the excitement is over, the muscles contract again causing blood to flow out of penile veins and the erection to dissolve.

Some health conditions such as enlarged prostate, previous prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol level, obesity, and thyroid hormones and testosterone deficiency can also cause the problem as it can be the side effect of some medications such as antidepressants, diuretics, sleeping pills, amphetamine, anti-anxiety, and opioid painkillers.

The chronic feelings of shame, guilt, and fear of intercourse are the psychological reasons that men cannot achieve erection to the point that some may never experience erection! Lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol and substance abuse can also contribute to this problem as well.

Erectile dysfunction is a serious male sexual wellness issue and if left untreated may lead to other health disorders such as heart disease and depression.

What is Priapus Injection?

When you visit a Neuropathic Doctor in Los Angeles for the first time, you will have a long consultation about your lifestyle choices, medical history, and persistent symptoms to discover the root cause of your erectile dysfunction. Testicular and penis examination will be performed as well.
Specialty lab tests might be ordered to check hormonal levels, heart conditions, diabetes and other suspicious diseases.
After evaluating all available data, The Priapus Injection is recommended for your erectile dysfunction and all details are explained.
Priapus Injection is a nonsurgical and drug-free naturopathic solution to your erectile dysfunction problem. It is a branch of PRP therapy in which your blood is used to heal your penis.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and plasma is the liquid part of the blood. It is mainly water and bioactive proteins which acts as a medium for red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets to flow freely inside your body. Platelets or Thrombocytes are cells responsible for blood clotting that contain growth factors with major role in key stages of new cell creation, healing and regeneration. PRP is concentrated plasma typically with 10 times more platelets than normal range which turns it to a more potent healing substance.

The purpose of Priapus Injection is permanent tissue and nerve regrowth and repair. Unlike other injection therapies, it is not reabsorbed by your body or synthesized by bacteria. Your symptoms will vanish almost immediately and you will see significant changes such as:

  • larger penis size in length and girth
  • firmer and longer erections
  • increased penis sensitivity
  • better sexual performance
  • intense orgasm and pleasure in both parties
  • rejuvenation of penile appearance
  • increased sexual desire
  • decreased refractory periods between erections
  • increase in self esteem and happiness

healthier and happier relationship
These results may not permanently, but last at least for a year, and also it is different in each individual.
To maintain the result, a customized lifestyle plan is offered as well to prevent any unwanted effects and further symptoms because your eating behavior, sleeping, exercise and working habits along with environment can influence your sexual health. Integrative Medicine in Los Angeles has a holistic approach and takes into account all aspects of you and your lifestyle in order to encourage your inner natural healing ability.
Priapus is the name of Greek God of fertility and also means penis!

How Priapus shot is administered?

The P-Shot procedure is performed quickly and easily without any invasion. Blood is drawn from your arm and put into a high precision centrifuge to separate platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the components. Separated platelets (concentrate platelets ) are injected to your penis’s corpus cavernosum as well as head with a very thin needle to restore it to optimum health and performance.
Glycoproteins and growth factors are released and activated to form a fibrin mesh under the tissue. When combined with cellular receptors of your skin, they cause intercellular healing to start and invite stem cells to the injection site for new cells to be built and extracellular matrix proteins to be produced. Healing takes place within your tissue and will continue for up to 5 weeks after injection.
Some medications can interfere with Priapus Injection; therefore, you must inform your integrative doctor of any anticoagulant drugs (blood thinner) such as aspirin you have been taking.
The amount of blood drawn is generally 10-20 milliliters; therefore, it will not affect your mental or physical state, but it is best to follow diet guidelines ordered by your integrative doctor in Los Angeles which generally includes having a healthy meal before the injection to avoid any possible lightheadedness caused by blood drawn.
Priapus injection takes no more than one hour to complete and you can continue your daily life immediately after Priapus injection unless your doctor advises something else.

Are there any side effects associated with Priapus Injection?

PRP has been under intensive research and no case of side effects observed and Priapus Injection is no exception since it is a PRP therapy. It is only logical to consider that Priapus injection uses your blood; therefore, the chance of allergic reaction or resistance is almost zero.
There is no pain associated with the injection more than any other normal injection nevertheless some local anesthetic will use to ease the process. The same logic applies to any chance of infection as well.
If this is done by a qualified naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles, you will be safe and the treatment will be effective.

Do you need Priapus Injection?

  • If you have been having persistent problems with your erection
  • If you have not seen any results from medications and other injecting treatments
  • If medications for ED interfere with your other health conditions
  • if you do not wish chemicals to be flooded into your bloodstream or injected to your penis
  • if you do not want to undergo surgery and are concerned about its possible side effects
  • if you do not want to have to take something every time you make love

Then Priapus Injection is the right treatment for you!
It is the best alternative to oral ED medications such as Viagra because you do not suffer the undesirable side effects such as flushing and headaches; and do not risk having diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. It is the most effective alternative to surgery because the risk of anatomical damage or tissue scars resulting from surgery is eliminated.
Priapus Injection is the most ideal option for your erectile dysfunction because it uses your healthy and clean blood along with the natural healing power within you.

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